Why Walk or Run?

Everything you need to know about Walk in Her Shoes

What is Walk in Her Shoes?

Walk in Her Shoes is a free fundraising challenge for CARE Australia.

Women and girls in developing countries walk an average of 6km every day to collect water, food and firewood for their families. Put yourself in their shoes, step up to the challenge and raise money and awareness for CARE Australia’s vital work.

The 2016 challenge ran from 10–23 October 2016. Participants chose a distance between 10km–150km to walk or run in their own time.

How you help

Many women and girls in developing countries walk more than 6km every day to collect water, food and firewood for their families.

By completing the Walk in Her Shoes challenge and getting friends to sponsor you, you can raise funds to support CARE Australia’s vital work that helps reduce the distance women and girls have to walk by providing clean water and nutritious food close to home. This means girls can spend more time in school, women can earn an income and together they can help their communities step out of poverty.

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Why Women and Girls?

Women and girls can help whole communities escape poverty

CARE Australia’s work is all about helping communities lift themselves out of poverty, but we focus on women and girls for two key reasons:

  • Women and girls are disproportionately affected by poverty.
  • Women and girls tend to transfer improvements in their own lives to their children, families and communities.

Men and boys also play a critical role in women’s empowerment. From brothers and fathers, to teachers and community leaders, we work with men and boys to break down gender stereotypes and challenge social norms to help bring lasting change to poor communities.

Women and men, girls and boys – families, friends and colleagues! Everyone can take part in the Walk in Her Shoes challenge to help whole families and communities step out of poverty.

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Could you carry 20 litres of water?

On average women and girls in developing countries walk 6km every day to collect water, carrying 15-20 litres per trip. When Lyrian from CARE Australia visited Malawi, she decided to Walk in Her Shoes…literally. Watch Lyrian’s attempt to carry a bucket of water on her head!

Who is CARE Australia?

CARE Australia is an international humanitarian aid organisation with a special focus on helping women and girls lift themselves and their communities out of poverty.

When you support CARE, you can be confident you are supporting one of the most effective organisations of its kind. CARE works at a grassroots level with communities to empower them to create positive change in their own lives – 87 cents of every dollar spent goes to CARE’s programs.